Social Media Management

Social media is no longer an option and occasional updates are not near enough. You need a comprehensive social media strategy integrated with your web design as part of your overall SEO strategy. Multi-channel social media interaction enriches customer experience and engagement. Our high level SEO Consultants can help you establish or enrich your social media presence.

A “Social Media Strategy” is a new concept to many businesses. Most do not know where to start. We at 4ward Marketing can help your business begin a comprehensive social media plan. A strategic plan from 4ward Marketing utilizing Facebook, Twitter and other social sites can help you connect with new customers, establish your company culture online, and start a foundation of followers to build on for the future as social media evolves.

Lead Generation

We Manage Your Social Media Presence

The world of marketing has changed dramatically in the last five years. It’s difficult for some to imagine a world without Facebook or Twitter, when in fact, those services were created quite recently.

In order to have a solid web presence, businesses are starting to realize the necessity of having dedicated social media accounts operated by dedicated social media experts. Potential clients aren’t just using search engines any longer – many of the world’s leading companies get a significant quantity of traffic directly from social media mentions.

Your Social Strategy Can Make or Break your Reputation


Facebook is the largest method of online SOCIAL NETWORKING. It has 1.3 Billion users and growing, as well as having the most CONTENT shared on any social platform. It is known to be more PERSONAL than other platforms and enhances the users experience with add-ins like Foursquare and Pinterest. Facebook offers advertising options.


Instagram is the online platform for VISUAL MARKETING with 150 Million users and growing. Instagram redefined the social media by RELATING to consumers through Pictures and Video.  This allows for marketers to capture a VISUAL Audience, and increase visibility by adding tags, to photos and videos. Instagram is slowly introducing advertising.


Google Plus focuses on SOCIAL IDENTITY for its users. With a growing base of 500 Million users, this social platform is the absolute best for Search Engine Optimisation. Along with this, Google Plus integrates with other Google products, such as Analytics and AdWords, which makes it necessary for a strong social presence.


Pinterest leads the way in VISUAL DISCOVERY. Although most of their 70 Million users are Female subscribers, posts and pins are designed to be meaningful, creating a sense to ‘save’ and ‘hold on to’ what interests the consumer. Pinterest is designed with multiple BOARDS for different interests and is often used as an e-commerce referral option


Twitter is king of MICRO BLOGGING. With their increasing 600 Million users, tweets can be sent out like ‘mini-blog posts,’ limited to 140 characters per message. Users on Twitter are constantly adding content, making tweets Real Time, all the time. This non-stop social media platform is the FASTEST medium to reach your audience first.


YouTube is the industry leader in VIDEO MARKETING. This Google-owned company has 1 Billion users and counting, and is used my marketers to increase SEO. YouTube has more Powerful messaging capabilities and the ability to share Information and Instruction. Video ads are available as well as monetization.

Social Media Benefits and Challenges

  • Reach current and new customers at extremely low cost
  • Build a brand and your story online, every day
  • Integrate your business into the communities you serve
  • Improve website traffic and SEO
  • Challenges – Increasingly complicated to execute
  • Challenges – Demands consistent attention to build your base
  • Challenges – Averages 10+ hours per week for active businesses

Why Businesses Choose 4ward Marketing

  • We do all the work
  • We build and/or optimize company pages on the main social platforms
  • We build your audience with new ‘likes’ and ‘followers’
  • We help build your brand name and image by consistent social activity, keeping your ‘social chatter’ engaging and interesting